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Video material about ESD protection

Because it is difficult to meet our customers in-person, Sofics is using short video messages to introduce new solutions, to provide inspiration and to improve understanding about on-chip ESD protection.

2023 Sofics corporate introduction

Tutorial series

Short (typical less than 5 minutes) tutorials about different ESD related topics. Snackable content – learn something in few minutes.

1: Diode triggered SCR for ESD protectionLink
2: ESD characterization using Transmission Line Pulse testerLink
3. VF-TLP characterization to estimate CDM robustnessLink
4. Local ESD Protection for Analog IOsLink

Sofics has ESD solutions for every application

Very short video’s (duration of about 1 minute) about different applications, process options or test conditions.

ESD protection for Radiation hard electronicsLink
ESD protection for SOI technologyLink
2.5D and 3D integration – die-2-die interfacesLink
3 ESD solutions for Silicon PhotonicsLink
3 Key challenges in medical IC designLink
3 ESD issues for High-Speed IOsLink
ESD solution IP for automotive ElectronicsLink
ESD protection for FinFETSLink
ESD IP benefitsLink
Sofics generic introductionLink
Sofics ESD solutions IP – 4 reasonsLink
3 ESD challenges for IoTLink
On-chip ESD protection approach for IEC 61000-4-2Link

Powerpoint presentation with voice over

Presentations of 20 to 30 minutes with much more details. Typically these are video recordings from presentations at (virtual) conferences.

ESD design window in FinFET and FDSOI technologyLink
CDM protection for FinFET and SOI technologyLink
Leakage from ESD protection in FinFET and SOI technologyLink
Optimizing I/O’s and ESD protection to reduce leakage in SOI applicationsLink
ESD solutions for FinFET and FDSOI technologiesLink
Selecting the right ESD standards and robustness levels for IoT applicationsLink
2021 IP-SOC Santa Clara – ESD protection for 2.5D and 3D integrationLink
Selecting the right process: FinFET, SOI or bulk CMOSLink
2021 IEDS conference – Low-cap ESD protection for SerDesLink
2021 Taiwan ESD Conference – Low cap ESD for 3D integrationLink
2021 TSMC OIP event – ESD protection for space applicationsLink
2021 Samsung SAFE event – SCR based ESD protection for 4nm, 8nm FinFETLink


Sofics is a foundry independent semiconductor IP provider that has supported 100+ companies worldwide with customized/specialty Analog I/Os and on-chip ESD protection. The technology has been characterized on most CMOS processes, as well as on SiGe, SOI, BCD and advanced FinFET nodes like 16nm, 12nm, 7nm, 6nm and 5nm.

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