On-chip ESD IP and expertise

Enable higher performance
Increase ESD robustness
Reduce time and cost

Sofics IP and solutions extend
the foundry GPIO library.

Most foundries provide GPIO libraries for free. These libraries contain power/ground cells, analog I/Os, digital I/Os. However, for some applications the general purpose library introduces limitations. Sofics developed solutions to extend the GPIO libraries. This page compares the solutions available from Sofics with those available from the foundry.

Available ESD clamps

SoficsFoundryPower clamp options
Core + I/O domains
Special domains (e.g. 5V)
Comparison of available solutions from Sofics versus the conventional foundry GPIO library – for power/rail clamps
SoficsFoundryLocal clamp options for I/Os
Dual diode (+ power clamp)
Semi local protection
Full local protection
Secondary protection
Full Local + Secondary protection
Thin oxide protection
Comparison of available solutions from Sofics versus the conventional foundry GPIO library – for interfaces

Coverage of supply and I/O options

Sofics analog I/O and ESD protection solutions extend the foundry libraries. Both for power clamp protection and for I/Os Sofics ESD protection provides additional solutions.

SoficsFoundryPower clamp options
General supplies
Low power / low leakage options
Interdomain interfaces

While general purpose analog I/Os are suitable for most interfaces, high-speed communication (Wired, wireless or optical) needs a special solution. The traditional ESD concepts introduce a lot of parasitic capacitance. Sofics has created ESD protection with low-parasitic capacitance to enable higher datarates.

SoficsFoundryLocal clamp options for I/Os
Standard I/O – GPIO
Overvoltage tolerant
Undervoltage tolerant
I/O circuit with core transistors
Low leakage ESD protection
High Speed / RF solution
Higher voltage ratings

Process coverage for Sofics solutions at TSMC

FinFET: 5nm, 6nm, 7nm, 12nm, 16nm
CMOS: 22nm, 28nm, 40nm, 55nm, 65nm, 90nm, …
BCD/LDMOS/HV: 55nm, 130nm, 180nm

Process coverage for Sofics solutions at other foundries

Samsung FinFET: 4nm, 5nm, 8nm
UMC: 28nm, 65nm, 180nm BCD
GF: 22FDX, 55nm
SMIC: 40nm, 90nm
Tower Semi: 130nm, 180nm BCD, 350nm
And many more options

Fabless companies using Sofics IP can enable higher performance, higher robustness and reduce design time and cost.

About Sofics

Sofics is a foundry independent semiconductor IP provider that has supported 100+ companies worldwide with customized/specialty Analog I/Os and on-chip ESD protection. The technology has been characterized on most CMOS processes, as well as on SiGe, SOI, BCD and advanced FinFET nodes like 16nm, 12nm, 7nm, 6nm and 5nm.

Sofics has truly demonstrated first-time-right delivery capabilities.

Michel De Mey, Senior Director of Hearing and Audio Solutions at AMIS

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