I/O library for TSMC 12nm FinFET

Enable higher performance
Increase ESD robustness
Reduce time and cost

Most foundries provide GPIO libraries for free. These libraries contain power/ground cells, analog I/Os, digital I/Os. However, for some applications the general purpose library introduces limitations. Sofics developed solutions to extend the GPIO libraries.

Interface solution with low parasitic capacitance

Interface solution for low-voltage I/Os below 1.8V.

Low leakage interface solutions

Any ESD robustness level

Higher voltage tolerance like 5V

12nm – Library contents

  • Low-leakage ESD power clamps for different voltage domains (0.8V – 3.3V).
  • Analog I/Os for the different voltage options with full local ESD protection so there is no need to worry about power bus resistance.
  • Solutions for high-speed communication with low parasitic capacitance. Cells can be adapted for your requirement. Example: 100fF for 1kV HBM.
  • Analog I/Os with higher voltage tolerance (e.g. 5V) or overvoltage tolerant for hot-swap, cold-spare, failsafe interfaces.

Fabless companies using Sofics IP can enable higher performance, higher robustness and reduce design time and cost.

About Sofics

Sofics is a foundry independent semiconductor IP provider that has supported 100+ companies worldwide with customized/specialty Analog I/Os and on-chip ESD protection. The technology has been characterized on most CMOS processes, as well as on SiGe, SOI, BCD and advanced FinFET nodes like 16nm, 12nm, 7nm, 6nm and 5nm.

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Reuse of Sofics IP in Toshiba’s ASIC products has consistently resulted in robust Charged Device Model (CDM) performance.

Kenji Numata, Senior manager, Toshiba semiconductor company

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